Pink Peppermint Project is committed to helping women diagnosed with breast cancer to navigate their way through treatment by providing programs, resources and service using complementary therapies designed to promote physical and emotional wellness.
Did you know:
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women, except for skin cancers.
Did you know:
Currently, the average risk of a woman in the United States developing breast cancer sometime in her life is about 13%. This means there is a 1 in 8 chance she will develop breast cancer.
Did you know:
Ductal carcinoma in situ, a non-invasive breast cancer, represents 16% of all breast cancer diagnosis. 81% of breast cancers are invasive.
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For the Safety of our staff and volunteers, we are not sending Mint With Love Boxes at this time due to Covid-19


Motivation is one of the key objectives of our organization. The organization has developed support systems through which the affected women can live with healthy and productive lives, specifically after the diagnosis of breast cancer…


Inspiration is the second key objective of our organization. Our organization creates awareness about breast cancer through education and campaigns. The pink peppermint project involves independent school districts for educational purposes…


Nurturing is the third key objective of our organization, which is carried out through providing programs and services with compassion, comprehensive care, can cultural sensitivity. Our organization achieves this objective by developing a number of programs…


Transformation is the fourth and the final key objective of our organization, which it achieves through the provision of resources designed to encourage reconditioning of negative thinking and behaviors with an emphasis on strengthening self-concept and self-esteem…

The Pink Mission

To empower, educate, advocate for, and support women affected by a breast cancer diagnosis and their caregivers through the entire journey and after.


We provide women affected by breast cancer with a sense of hope, love, and beauty through our Mint With Love Boxes


We use pink lipstick to raise awareness for the cure, as well as challenging women to take charge of their health.


Founded in Dallas, Texas; we are committed to giving back to our own community through our program and events

Meet Our Founder and President

After losing her Aunt and 2 close friends in 2015, Using the power of beauty to transform and heal, she has been an advocate and innovator for women’s health ever since. She wanted to be a resource for women through all stages of their journey. She wanted women to feel beautiful and to never give up. Through the Pink Peppermint Project she is committed to helping women thrive. She has created programs, resources, and services that Motivate, Inspire, Nurture and Transform. She is dedicated in building a platform that embodies her aunts endearing, authentic, and nurturing spirit.


Founder and President

Donations Make a Difference

With help from our partners and donations from people like you, we’ve been able to send care kits to women all over the country.

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Pink Reach

Pink reach provides education and early detection resources to young women and teens with a family history of breast cancer. Breast cancer education and resources are provided with Independent School Districts after school programs and/or youth mentorship programs,

Mint With Love

Too often we hear women feeling less than beautiful after their breast cancer diagnosis. Mint with Love allows us to send beauty and self-care boxes to women all over the country.

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Glamcon events and retreats provide women with a renewed hope, increased knowledge, and a sisterhood within a sisterhood. Pink Peppermint Project host weekend events and retreats to motivate, inspire, nurture and transform


Through events and workshops, We educate about wellness, including fitness and nutrition, to equip breast cancer and caregivers with awareness, knowledge, and skills to increase their ability to create a healthier future to increase the quality of life.


Non-Toxic Beauty Revolt will support, empower and educate women and men to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in their environment, especially those linked to cancer. NTBR was propelled when our founder ShantaQuilette, lost her friend to breast cancer and she revealed her cancer may be a result of environmental factors. We are dedicated to educating the world on clean beauty and taking action against policy makers to eliminate cancer causing ingredients on the market.


We are using the power of “Pink” lipstick to save lives and raise awareness. The Pink Lipstick Campaign, a project to educate and inspire young women to be proactive in their breast health. It’s an important reminder to connect women of all ages about having meaningful conversations with family about breast health. We want all women to take charge of their health and find strength in our hashtag #poutwithus #loveyourgirls. Join our campaign on May 15th to increase awareness, save more lives, and support those affected by breast cancer.