Ask your friends to support our mission right along with you. We are committed to providing services and support to women facing breast cancer in Texas during this pandemic.

Next steps?

1. Tell your friends!
– Post your Pink Selfie , ask your friends to join you! We all need a pick me up , especially during this uncertain time. Get Pretty for a cause while at home.
2. Ask for support
– We are needed now more than ever. Use your social media channels to tell friends and family members about the Pink Lipstick Campaign, what we do, and how they can help.
3. Support or campaign virtually with us! It is our goal to reach 20,000 selfies in the next 90 Days

SAMPLE POST: (Use a photo of YOU wearing pink lipstick):

Friends, I’m participating in the 3P Pink Lipstick Day beginning, Friday, May 15th to support the Pink Peppermint Project raise awareness and funds, so I could use your help. Join my team or make a gift (anything you’re able to give right now!) and your donation will help to send free care packages full of resources, head wraps and small gifts to women with breast cancer when they need it most.
Learn More Here: https://www.classy.org/campaign/pink-lipstick-campaign/c280892
Join my team or donate here (your personal walk page here)
Thank you!!

**Be sure to tag us!!** Facebook: www.Facebook.com/pinkpeppermintproject
Instagram: @pinkpeppermintproject

About The Pink Lipstick Campaign 2020

● The Pink Lipstick Campaign 2020 invites women from around the world to bring awareness to breast cancer through social media;
● The goal of The Pink Lipstick Campaign 2020 is to achieve 20,000 selfie submissions of women wearing pink lipstick in 90 days, beginning May 15, 2020.

How Women Can Participate In The Pink Lipstick Campaign 2020

● Women interested to participate are invited to take a selfie while wearing their favorite shade of pink lipstick, themed after the color’s affiliation with breast cancer awareness;
● Upload the image to Facebook or Instagram with the following three hashtags: #poutwithus, #pinkpeppermintcares, and #loveyourgirls;
● Official photo submissions begin May 15 at 12:00 PM CST.

About The Pink Peppermint Project

● The Pink Peppermint Project’s mission is to spread the word that women should take a proactive approach to their breast health, including conducting regular self-breast exams;
● We believe that women will be more empowered to prevent the disease if we share a consistent message of breast cancer awareness with one another given that early prevention is important.

If I can interest you in more information about The Pink Peppermint Project and our Pink Lipstick Campaign 2020, please let me know. I can be reached at 214.513.3013 or send me an email via our contact page